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I started producing whilst at university. At LCC they encouraged doing our own projects in spare time and I found a lot of growth in that. Once university was done, I stayed on at my internship with Fremantle Media as a development researcher, contributing to pitching drama TV shows to channel directors and commissioners. It was only later when I moved into production as a runner on the Sky Atlantic TV Drama The Tunnel that I found an interest in the hustle and bustle of production.

Having also been in front of the camera as an actor in the past I feel I bring a unique perspective to my role as a producer. I’m an investor in people, I believe heavily in developing new talent which is what I’ve continued to do in my role as Head of Music Video at Greatcoat Films. The film and TV we watch plays a key role in shaping culture and the shakers and movers behind those stories from perspectives rarely seen before are who I’m most interested in working with.

Nominated UKMVA Best Producer 2020